Wednesday, July 23, 2008


“A style does not go out of style as long as it adapts itself to its period. When there is an incompatibility between the style and a certain state of mind, it is never the style that triumphs.”- Coco Chanel.
Christian and Allyson not only have conqured this era of style, but also established an unmistakable compatability between the style and state of mind allowing both to triumph.

Photography by Joseph Bleu


joseph bleu said...

what a dream to shoot.

models make the photographer.

without their grace and understanding it never happens.

the chemistry and poise

of allyson and christian

only magic!!!

bruno rand said...

this story is breathtaking... here is the real genius of joseph on display for all to see... only joseph could take two mismatched models of disparate looks and ages and create a union and a story that is not only believable but cinematic in its scope... he creates a couple whose anxious love affair is on par with James Dean/Natalie Wood's in "Rebel Without a Cause", or Warren Beatty/Faye Dunaway's in "Bonnie and Clyde"... joseph elevates the art of fashion photography...